Maison Valerie

renovation work  2007-2008

Maison Valerie is located somewhere in the Charente, in south west France. This web site contains photos of the main renovation work. You can also read about it in Rob Godfrey's fifth memoir Cranial Capacity 1400cc. Maison Valerie was the second big house renovation that Rob did in France. The previous renovation took place in 2004 and 2005. You can read about this earlier renovation in Rob's fourth memoir The Iberian Job.

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      Panoramic Views

West elevation, October 2007.

North west elevation, Oct 2007.

South east elevation, Oct 2007.

North elevation, March 2007.

South east elevation, October 2007.

South elevation, October 2007.

Index       Garden          New Bathrooms          New Kitchen and Bedroom          Other Works       Misc.


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