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5th March 2007: work begins on widening the rockery.

7th March 2007: work ends on the rockery.

3rd August 2007: a Deaux Chevaux arrives with a concrete mixer.

8th August: a digger and an itinerant poet arrives.

8th August 2007: digging the pit for the oil tank.

8th August 2007: I think we buried the cat by mistake!

8th August 2007: digging trenches for new drainage system.

12th August: building the oil tank pit.

18th August: new gates get put up (wrongly!).

18th August: E ad a good innings .

18th August: what on earth do we do with the mountains of earth?

18th August: new drain pipes are laid - with a fall of only 1 in 40!

18th August: new drains meet old drains.

18th August: new drains are covered over and concreted.

27th Aug: concreting the new driveway.

27th Aug: concrete is very exciting, innit.

28th Aug: rock from the new doorway into the boiler room.

4th Sep: the new oil tank arrives somewhat precariously.

9th Sep: oil tank in place and time to hide it with a fence.

13th Sep: a new machine gun nest for Mr Moto.

18th September: work begins on the new terrace.

18th September: dusk and drying concrete.

21st Sep: concreting commences
for the new terrace.

29th Sep: concreting the terrace is finished, at last!

3rd Oct: it took 79 mixer loads of concrete to complete.

8th Oct: new drain and dryer vent are put through the kitchen/utility room wall.

16th Oct: new drains are connected to the fosse septic.

I love the smell of raw sewage in the morning.

24th Oct: drains are filled in and the flies stop buzzing.

4th Nov: work starts on paving the terrace (natural stone paving).

9th Nov 2007: paving work stops
(run out of stone!).

12th Jan 2008: new gravel is laid.

3rd May: power and water lines are run up to the lawn.

4th May: hiding pipes and cables.

8th May: enclosure for gas bottles.

24th July 2008: dismantling the oil tank rockery...

27th July: to build a higher rockery.

27th July: existing rose bed.

28th July: rose bed made smaller.

28th July: existing rockery...

30th July: dug out for new water feature...

7th August: including a pond...

8th August: waterfall and cascade.

20th August: work resumes on the final bit of the terrace.

24th August: after letting the concrete cure for a week the pond is filled with water.

27th August: a new natural stone bench.

27th August: the terrace is just about finished!

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