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Rae's Runes

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Rune Stone Casting is one of the most Ancient Forecasting Methods, dating back to between the 3rd and 8th Centuries. For a long period Runes were lost in the mists of time. There is no documented evidence as to when the stones started being used as a form of magick and divination. Legend has it the Norse God Odin rediscovered the Secrets of the Runes after having had to endure various barbaric tortures.

The Runic Alphabet originally comprised three groups of eight symbols, making 24 in all. This Alphabet called a "Futhork" was used in countless Ceremonial Forecasts, and according to ancient Folk Lore it was extremely accurate and powerful. Each Runic Character had a dual meaning, depicting both the Material and the Spiritual planes of existence.

Madame Rae has spent years studying the ancient Runes and the mysticism that surrounds them. Each week she casts the stones to see what the future may hold. If you would like Madame Rae to cast the stones for you, please go to our forecast request page.

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    Rae's Runes, 7th March 2010:     CD quality     Radio quality
Madame Rae casts the stones for Thaddeus, Mandie and Duncan. The special guest is Candi Raudebaugh, an occupational therapist who specialises in coping skills and relaxation. This week she tells us about some quick relaxation techniques. Further information about Candi can be found on her web site: www.innerhealthstudio.com