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anY Mad noises
Yonass and Mandie talk about their debut album, which explores themes such as anorexia and bondage

Based in the Charente Maritime region of south west France this collaboration between composer and vocalist has produced some stunning results.

Mandie Davis writes the lyrics and melody lines and is the vocalist for the project. Born in Tunbridge Wells in England, she has lived and worked in the UK and Germany with a career in TV, radio and print journalism, before arriving in south west France. Mandie currently studies Jazz Vocals at the Conservatoire in Cognac and it has been her life long ambition to be able to concentrate on her music. Mandie's lyrics have been described as 'Intelligent'. "I want people to question their own life experiences but I also like to bring a bit of love and support into life through my lyrics".

Yonass takes his inspiration from modern dance and lounge to create his own compositions. He composes the pieces, plays all the instruments, mixes and records in his own studio.

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  10/04/10. Duration: 30 minutes

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For the more information about Mandie and Yonass, tour dates, etc, please see their web site:  www.yonass.net.