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The 2CV Alaska Challenge

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Bulletin No.24


Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Tuesday 7th September 1999.

"Bring me sunshine, in your smile
Bring me laughter, all the while
In this world where we live, there should be more happiness
So much joy you can give to each brand new bright tomorrow

Make me happy, through the years
Never bring me any tears
May your arms be as warm as the sunshine up above
Bring me fun, bring me sunshine, bring me love"

Jose Oostveen and Rob Godfrey would like to thank the following people...

Our company sponsors, who made The 2CV Alaska Challenge possible:

Sara Lee Direct Selling
Douwe Egberts UK
Nutri-Metics Canada
Nutri-Metics Australia
Kiwi USA
Tana Canada
Decs USA
Forde Medikal, Norway
Convatec UK
Blazon Fabrications Ltd, UK
MG Godfrey & Co. Ltd, UK
Oliver's Farm Rug Cleaning and Repair, UK

And also all those who helped us along the way:

Damien & Kevin (in Brixton, London), for selling the No.1 car to us.
2CV John & Chris Coombes (2CV mechanics in London).
Andrew Young (aka Andre the Canadian Mountie).
Sue & Sean Hackett.
Captain Mihovic and the crew of the MV Christiane.
Diane, Shipping Agent in Albany, NY.
Claire Sherman in Savannah.
Bob the businessman in West Virginia.
Doug Pengelly in Toronto.
John Long in Toronto.
Bob & Claudine McLeod in Stittsville, Ontario.
Adina & Andrew of Nutri-Metics, Calgary.
The Calgary Herald.
John Long (again!) and the Long Family in British Columbia.
Gillian, reporter for the Yukon News.
Pamela Ellis in Delta Junction.
Kevin Ewing in Delta Junction.
Amy Brazo (who one day will be famous) in Fairbanks.
Tom, Swiss photojournalist, for giving Rob much needed moral support in the arctic.
Guy & Lynn Douglas, for looking after Rob during his time in Fairbanks.
And thanks also to everyone else we met along the way who gave us support and encouragement!

And our biggest thanks go to Blair Anderson, in Winnipeg, for his help, support and advice, and for running the 2CV Alaska Challenge web site.

Oh, and lastly, thanks to Liz Hood, of Cow Bay Computers, Prince Rupert, for allowing Rob to use her computer to compose these last two bulletins.

Cheers then, everyone, it's been a blast!

(This Bulletin ends the 1999 2CV Alaska Challenge)


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