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The 2CV Alaska Challenge

Bulletin No.22

Bulletin No.22 WANDRIN' STAR.
Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Sunday 29th August 1999. FINAL MILEAGE OF THE 2CV ALASKA CHALLENGE = 5713 miles (9284Km) from Quebec City.

"Do I know where hell is? Hell is in hello. Heaven is in goodbye for ever it's time for me to go. Oh, I was born under a wandrin' star, a wandrin', wandrin' star"

In 1989 Coldfoot recorded the lowest ever temperature in this part of North America: 82 degrees below freezing. When Jamie and Rob awoke on the morning of Sunday 29th August it was cold, bloody cold. Strange that, isn't it; anyone would think this was the Arctic...

At 11.30am that Sunday morning Rob Godfrey set out from Coldfoot and headed north, and in so doing became the first man ever to take a Citroen 2CV this far up the Dalton Highway. This was uncharted territory, and it was unforgiving territory. Since first learning of the Dalton Highway, in the 1974 Boys Book of Wonder, Rob Godfrey knew that one day fate would pit him against this highway. The Dalton was a worthy adversary. A 440 mile tyre shredder and windshield breaker. It had mean potholes that would pummel the underside of the car like artillery fire. It had deep ridges that would violently shake the car. It had other really, really nasty things; and the Dalton was cunning, oh so cunning, for it presented stretches of smooth road, tempting you to put your foot down and hit 70mph, but then, suddenly, the mean potholes and vicious ridges would appear and try to throw you off the road. God, it was tough.

Rob Godfrey tried to outwit the Dalton, but on the drive into the Brooks Mountain Range it took its toll, with a broken exhaust pipe, smashed headlights, wrecked suspension arms and chipped windshield. But still Rob Godfrey battled on and at 1.33pm on Sunday 29th August he reached the top of the Atigun Pass (in 1st gear), the first man ever to do so in a Citroen 2CV, and the first man ever to successfully get a fully inflated sex doll up to the top of the Brooks Mountain Range. From here on in it was downhill all the way...

At 2.56pm on Sunday 29th August, Rob and Jamie the Love Doll (who was strangely silent) left the Brooks Range and bounced and lurched out on to the arctic tundra. Miraculousy, the Citroen 2CV was still in one piece, and the soft, spongy tundra was kind to the car and stretched endlessly in all directions. It was very, very cold, despite it still being only late August, and the wind came straight off the arctic ocean, only 100 miles away. Rob Godfrey had a steely glint in his eye as he battled on and at 6.23pm on Sunday 29th August he reached Prudhoe Bay, on the shores of the Arctic Ocean, thereby becoming the first man ever to drive a Citroen 2CV all the way up the Dalton Highway. The 2CV Alaska Challenge had been successfully completed. All that remained was to find Rob a good psychiatrist...


(Note: two further Bulletins will be issued after this one)

Route Map


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