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The 2CV Alaska Challenge

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Bulletin No.9

Bulletin No.9 SLOW IDLING.

Toronto, Canada. Wednesday 4th August 1999.

We were unable to fix the No.1 car, due to the fact that we couldn't get the fan off to reach the points, and anyway we couldn't figure out how to open the case that contained our socket set, and hey, it was just too hot to do any work on the car. However, somehow, someway, the No.1 car made it 1300 miles (2080Km) up from Savannah to Canada, with the No.2 car giving support and sympathy during the five day journey. This was a very sick duck that limped into Toronto on the afternoon of 3rd August, but as in the movies the 7th Calvalry arrived, in the form of John Long and Doug Pengelly, members of the Toronto Citroen Club.

The No.1 car was stretchered into the spacious garage of John's beautiful downtown home and then Doug began exploratory surgery in an attempt to find out the problem. Rob and Jose paced nervously outside the garage door, chain-smoking cigarettes.The tense silence was broken only when Doctor Doug dropped a tool or let out a muffled cough.

The bolts holding down the carburettor were checked and found to be ok, the points and timing were ok, fuel vaporisation did not seem to be the problem. Jose and I moved into the garage, smoked cigarettes and stroked our sick duck while Doug continued to operate. The tension was broken when Doug noticed that something was missing from the carburettor:- the slow running jet screw was conspicuous by its absence. Brilliant Watson! without a slow running jet screw you don't get any slow running. Amazing, huh? We had been very, very unlucky, because the No.1 car's slow running jet screw had somehow worked loose and dropped out the carburettor. Rob and Jose smoked more cigarettes: how were we going to get a replacement screw? John Long came to the rescue, in that he let us take the slow running jet screw from his own mint condition Deaux Chevaux. The No.1 car was now running properly again, and a million thanks to both John and Doug, without whom the Alaska Challenge would have been sunk - and for some strange reason, Doug, having never smoked a cigarette in his life, now has a smokers cough. Ain't life strange.



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