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The 2CV Alaska Challenge

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Bulletin No.6

Bulletin No.6, OH HELL!
Albany, New York State, Wednesday 21st July 1999.

On Monday 19th July, which was our 5th day at open anchorage, the Christiane started shaking and vibrating. The engines had come to life again! We were on the move! A wave of expectation ran through the ship as we slowly made our way down the Ambrose Channel. It was dusk and the pearly necklace of the Verazzono Narrows bridge passed overhead. We were in New York harbour, after 15 days at sea. To the left was the Statue of Liberty, but this was dwarfed by the buildings of Manhatten on the right, a gigantum wall of glowing, twinkling lights that reached for the sky. It looked unreal, like something out of Star wars, but it confirmed that we really had reached New York, at last.

But Christiane's engines were still driving her along. What was going on? another telex from the shipping company was going on and the Captain had been ordered to dock not in New York, but in Ravena, 150 miles further up the Hudson River. Our mouths hung open as NY City was left glittering in the ship's wake.

A 14 hour voyage up the beautiful Hudson Valley followed and we arrived in Ravena at miday on Tuesday, 20th July. A wave of relief ran through the ship. 6 days behind schedule the Christiane had made landfall in America. Jose was waiting on the quay for the ship. We had last seen each other nearly 3 weeks previously, in Rotterdam. Now the road journey to Alaska could begin; but as I waved at Jose I couldn't help noticing that the Christiane was berthed against a narrow jetty that jutted out into the river Hudson. Would we be able to unload the Citroen 2CV's here?



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